BA&M’s training and development programs are designed to build skill sets you need to excel in any organization. Our goal is to enhance your professional and interpersonal skills to help you build confidence and credibility throughout your personal life and professional career. BA&M offers customizable workshops to meet both, corporate and personal goals.


We are committed to having a positive social impact, with a special focus on our local communities and, ultimately, around the world. At BA&M, we believe that training & development is an integral part of the success of businesses, individuals and overall society. 


Management & leadership

Our Management & Leadership programs cover the fundamentals of management and leadership to help you drive organizational success. Administrative support, analytical skills, attention management, business writing, communication, compliance, conflict resolution, critical thinking, customer service, emotional intelligence and project and time management are some of the leading-edge workshops we offer for fast-tracking your career.

Quickbooks online

Fuel your business success and take control of your finances with QuickBooks online. Learn how to effectively use QuickBooks to monitor and grow your business financials and to better plan for tomorrow. Using and setting up the QuickBooks Online account correctly is key. In fact, the way you use and set up the account has the greatest impact on your experience with QuickBooks Online. We take the time to idenfity and establish your business plan and workflows. Our workshops help you to be proficient in QuickBooks Online whether you are a business owner, employee, or accounting professional.

Office 365

Collaborate and connect better with customers and colleagues with a range of tools, from email and IM to social networking and video conferencing. Our workshops will help you boost organizational productivity by showing you how to effectively use Office 365 for reliable access to services like email, calendar, groups, security optimization, file sharing, online conferencing, instant messaging, and Office.

Microsoft office

Microsoft Office applications help you improve productivity in the workplace. Learn the main elements that are applicable to daily operations in an organization. Unblock the potential of data by organizing and categorizing any type of information, identifying trends, tracking sales and other business data, building meaningful charts, and more. Our Microsoft Office workshops focus on how to effectively use Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.